Are you for or against gay marriage?


I cannot think of more destructive way to begin a conversation. We have lost the art of true communication, and have reduced our conversations, to a system of labeling… information giving & gathering… rather than truly engaging in dialog where ones heart can be revealed in a respectful manner. We do not want to spend time actually getting to know someone’s heart; what brings them to the particular worldview they hold. We too often want to simply know what one believes, where one stands, ultimately asking ourselves and others, “do you think like me or not”, “Do you follow the same moral compass that I do?” With this nifty invention of FB and other social media platforms, it allows us to get labeling glimpses of each other – proficient enough to get a thumbnail perspective about a person and their philosophy, yet inadequate enough to fully understand the background, baggage and belief system one lives by.

I understand the sensitivity of this topic and feel that members of both sides and even the undecided have posed yet further frustration by using this platform to make thumbnail statements. (I myself know I run the risk of being misunderstood in this post). I am not intending to offend anyone, but here is my take on what I see.

I understand and have witnessed the harm that “Christianity” and/or the “church” has done concerning the topic of homosexuality. It’s evident that in the past, (and even presently) the church has not been honorable in demonstrating the love that Christ Himself demonstrated. I can understand the gay and lesbian communities feeling not only frustrated, but outright hurt, demoralized even dehumanized by some. I have also seen many, who have been brought up in the church, ride the pendulum swing from being indoctrinated in the unhealthy, unbiblical responses of “anti-gay” and “God hates fags” rhetoric, heading to the other camp of being pro-gay advocates of homosexual marriage. There’s something in us that wants to run so far away from the damaging, dehumanizing ideas what we were taught while growing up, that we end up embracing the opposing view, just to help balance our moral scales. We can be so “anti” something that it leads us to a whole new worldview.

I DO believe that scripture is God breathed and that Christ has clearly instructed us on how we are to live… Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. If you’d like to know the particulars on where I stand on a given issue or topic, then lets have a respectful conversation.

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