Church Professionals

Church Professionals

I’m currently reading a book by Andy Stanley, the son of famous pastor Charles Stanley. The book is entitled “Deep & Wide” and I am enjoying it so far. He has made some great points regarding the modern church today that I hear many other people talking and writing about.

After 2000 years of church history, one would expect that today’s church would be phenomenally effective, standing on the shoulders of so many great men of faith who have gone before. The world should expect Christianity, this movement started by one revolutionary man who taught and demonstrated love while turning the religious system upside down, to have perfected its message and institution by now. Christ followers should be pros at turning this world upside down. Brick by brick, Christians should have a more than comprehensive game plan to do as He did…

Instead, what we typically see is men and women fumbling to still figure out what this thing is all about. And the ones who proclaim to have it figured it out, with nifty bylaws, assimilation strategies & philosophies of ministry, in my opinion tend to be the main stumbling blocks to healthy Christianity… But we’re in good company… or rather bad company; you see the early church begin getting it wrong, or at least digressing from it’s origins, soon after it begin.

If you know your bible, you’d notice that Christ’s teachings weren’t the force, nor hope that moved His disciples into action. It was Christ’s Resurrection. (I’m not minimizing at all the teachings and miracles of Christ, they were foundational to their faith unto actions). We need to move away from attempting to be “Church Professionals”, move away from actively trying to sell a spiritual product to this world, move from making a mockery of the adoration we as Christ followers have towards him by creating emotional Woodstock Concerts , (worship – contemporary or traditional) to appeal to those who wouldn’t otherwise step foot into church;8 move away from our understanding of “Church” as a place where Christians gather; move away from many of the traditions we’ve acquired over the past 2000 years and get back to what Christ himself intended for his church (that is, those who profess to follow him) which is to Practice Resurrection!

But THANK GOD He operates in imperfection…
Despite the chaos and confusion that man has brought to what Christ has originated, we can be confident that God’s Spirit continues to move through this world making a profound difference.

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